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18 January 2011



We have the "fighting stadium" if they wanna bring their Zhu Zhu pets over to battle each other ... :) Happy birthday, cuties!

Melissa Curtis

I love that your family is so involved in everything you do. Happy Birthday girls...you don't even know who I am, but I held you when you were first born and knew what your nursery looked like. ;)

liz jensen

What cute girls! Happy Birthday!!! PS: I used your snowflake tortilla idea for preschool on Tuesday, they all loved it.

Nikki Ives

OH! What a wonderful party! I love their dinner choice! They are so silly. How did you make that popcorn cake though!? it looks so good. Hope those girls didn't have to bad a sugar high that night!

Kjersten Troxel

sweet girls! they look soooo happy in those pics...it makes me happy!

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